About the chefs

The restaurant "San Tori" opened in December 1997. It is the first restaurant of Thai and Japanese cuisine that gives the possibility to enjoy original dishes and atmosphere. During 14 years "San Tori" makes the life of the guests brighter, comfortable and delicious. "San Tori" is a stylish interior, quality Japanese and exotic Thai courses. The menu is regularily updated with new bright and tasty dishes.

The Thai cuisine chef is Mr. Kittiwat Thaosiriphan, or Dodo, as his the dearest people call him. He started his work in "San Tori" since its opening. Before "San Tori" he has been working in Thailand, Abudabi, Dubai. When preparing a dish he uses original Thai recipes. Dodo like to prepare seafood dishes, courses with duck and vegetables. His hobby is ice carving and making beautiful flowers from fruits and vegetables. Mr. Dodo shows colourful and bright Thailand via his dishes. He appreciates antiques ad if has a free time, he spends it walking on historical places in Kyiv, where he could buy some old but beautiful things.

The Japanese cuisine chef is Mr Takashi Kobayashi. He works at "San Tori" from the very beginning. Before coming to Kyiv he has been working at famous restaurants in Hawai, Singapore, Chicago, Boston, Sydney, Melbourne, Frankfurt. He is from Tokyo and thus absorbed richness of the Japanese cuisine: tokian, mid-island and maritime varieties. Mr. Takashi can prepare fugue fish, which is one of the most dangerous, unusual and extravagant dishes in Japanese cuisine. He knows also French, Italian cuisine, can prepare Ukrainian borshch. In his spare time he admires beauty of the Ukrainian women, communicate with friends and promote Japanese cuisine and "San Tori".